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this is just totally fitting for finals week:panicandfreakout

yes, its got a great typface, graphic, layout, yadda, yadda, it’s great…the designers lament: I will never be able to enjoy anything without analyzing it ever again.


a friend of my boyfriend told us about this show, who has recommended quite a few good movies and music to us. So this went right to the top of our Netflix list. Aside from the horrible typeface credits ( pine green with an orange stroke…nasty!) and the monotonous music score, this is a t.v. gem from the late 80’s early 90’s (?).  It’s a David Lynch production, so aside from the dated-ness of it, its got quite an intriguing story and some oh-so-dry humor (which I love). Just don’t watch the log lady intros! Those were not aired for good reason.

colaProbably the most unappetizing can of cola ever! Packaging sure has evolved since…whenever this was on grocery shelves….but check out that ligature…fancy…view more vintage packaging pics at design observer