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Is what I was saying to myself while browsing this supercool site of home decor stuff…besides a clean layout and funky font, this site introduces you to a new way to decorate. Vynil stickers for your walls (great for apartment living) 123 furniture in beautiful raw wood, lazer cut mirrors, really fresh fun stuff awaits at but its mostly in french so I’m not sure how the prices convert to the American dollar. I’ve got to find a way to make my own wall decals!donotforgetmirror


This is the coolest funtional planter- eco-friendly space saving design ever! Designed by Maruja Fuentes and launched at this years Milan Furniture fair, these unique, clean tiles add life and meaning to your home décor. The tiles are finished with recycled materials creating a truely green addition to any room. The fish-scale shaped tiles interlock and can be arranged in many different patterns, and can be turned into a flat surface as well. I can only hope a major manufacturer starts distrubuting these things!planter-wall-tiles-1_UzhzM_58planter-wall-tiles-2_qhUFe_58