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candylabAnother great illustration site Central Illustration  Agency gives the viewer instant inspiration- and a huge list of artists and graphic design agencys. This is a computer generated animation from Candy Lab.


Did you know that every 1/2 second a new blog is born? It’s true. That’s a whole lotta blogs, and it’s a good thing. The availability and ease of blogging means you can get instant feedback on your work and opinion. This is vital to staying current and pushing yourself to do more. Seeing other artist blogs gives you continuous inspiration, and gives you something personal and real from the blogs you view. Before blogging I use to just read about or watch a movie about an artist which really distances the viewer from the work, almost making the artist seem unreal. Blogs let you into an artist’s sketchbook, you get to see what other people are doing and thinking about daily. Not just a synopsis of their life or career, a daily post of what others are looking at, being inspired by and creating. This is definitely a very creative community that brings people together in a way that was never possible before, I feel good about being a part of it. Viewing all these blogs makes me want to contribute something worthwhile as well. What are your thoughts about blogs and the every growing amount of them?