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Flour just got cool, those Norwegians are so hip!


I am designing a new identity for myself.  The logo in black is something I designed last year, it is made out of a few stock fonts: the letters B, C (colonna MT has that nice little curve on the back of the c) and D, are arranged in this little graphic. It’s kinda cool, but a little too…something…I just don’t like it anymore.



So here is the new one! No fonts here, thats all me! I created my initials out of circles so they would all have the same shape, drew in the little teardrop serifs and ligaments, turned it all into outlines and connected the paths. It’s a bit more playful and illustrative. Much better don’t ya think? Not quite decided on the color yet.

hipsters1A week or so ago I went to a portfolio seminar and was a little surprized to hear that a deciding factor for a potential employer may very well be what brand of shoes your wearing. What? I thought, thats so materialistic, yeah the world of design is materialistic. Being aware of current trends is key, but changing yourself to fit “the scene” can only lead to posers, and we all hate those damn posers.

In my opinion it’s much more respectable to be your own person than try to emulate someone else, or someone else’s vision of what you should be. When has immitation ever been better than the real thing?

I guess my point is; be aware of current trends/style/audience, but make it better, original and true to yourself, ’cause even a dead fish can go with the flow.