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winebottlea new work by mousegraphics , these Greece based designers create some super intriguing eye-candy!


colaProbably the most unappetizing can of cola ever! Packaging sure has evolved since…whenever this was on grocery shelves….but check out that ligature…fancy…view more vintage packaging pics at design observer

barcodesLooks like barcodes don’t only have to be functional, I didn’t know designers had the freedom to tweak something so technical on packaging design…wish I had thought of this for my cocoa product! Thanks mslk!


This package design was submitted to the Die Line (the comments on this project are worth the visit!) by a student of design in Israel, at first I was impressed with the cute bottles and bright logo…but something was wrong…whats that stuff leaking out? I don’t know how they did this, but that blobby glob is part of the packaging…and its packaging for yogurt. Somehow this dosen’t say yummy delicious yogurt…to me it says don’t pick me up, I’m broken…and probably sticky. I like the shape though, its looks more like packaging for a toiletries/cosmetic product…with lotion squirted on it…

cherubs4webWith the onset of summer edging closer we can buy fresh in-season produce again! One of my favorite things to eat are tomatoes, specifically grape tomatoes. Nature Sweet Cherubs are by far the best tasting out there, and they’ve got cute packaging to boot! Not only cute, but functional as well, the bottom yellow bowl has holes in it for easy wash and drainage…and just look at the cute cherub tomato….sweet.