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So you’ve seen my work, now you can download it, click away, and consider me for you next designing adventure.

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closeup1labels3Labels for togo cocoa soap-study in branding and packaging.


Brochure for GLOBIO’s Bring-A-Book program-helping kids in underpriveleged counrties obtain school supplies.

cocoa_ad2cocoa_ad1Advertisements for my soap product togo cocoa- study in branding and packaging.


cl_covercl_mag2cl_mag3cl_magsp3cl_mag4I loved this project, I really enjoy editorial design, and developing a publication for craigslist let me have a lot of fun and freedom. I’ve made a few changes with the feature opener and cover logo, small tweaks here and there really pulled it together. I want to make an opposing page for the feature article so I can have a back to the cover. if I have time I want to find an ad to put there. Its going to be a challange to find something that dosent compete with the article. I don’t want to tear the viewer away from it, because it’s my most succesfull page. hmmm should I add anymore?



To include or exclude from my portfolio-that is the question. Well what do you think?

This is my zappos mailer / catalogue featuring funky retro shoes for women 15-35. Created with the intention of driving traffic to the zappos website and getting the word  out to consumers who are new to on-line shopping. Enjoy.


eistein_01I drew this caricature of Einstein about 2 and a half years ago, recently he’s been hanging out on my wall next to my computer drilling genius into me. Its high time I did something with this sketch don’t ya think? I’m currently in the process of creating a single-panel cartoon…more to come.