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To include or exclude from my portfolio-that is the question. Well what do you think?


This is my zappos mailer / catalogue featuring funky retro shoes for women 15-35. Created with the intention of driving traffic to the zappos website and getting the word  out to consumers who are new to on-line shopping. Enjoy.


happyloverstown_largeBlank sketch book cover just not doing it for you? Have to have a soft luxurious moleskin to encase your precious drawings? Got $60 to blow? Well now you can have a custom engraved moleskin cover made right here in p-town! Engraveyourbook engraves leather covers that slip seamlessly over your moleskin book. They are re-usable (as long as you keep buying the same size notebook) and age beautifully. The best part? You can upload your own photos and drawings and text to be engraved. dare I say molicious?…maybe not.

oooooh I just found this site! illustrationweb it is so cool, and my new source or inspiration! Illstrators from around the world! For hire/freelance/browsing/olging/inspiration, its awesome. It even has a scrapbook thingy that stores the images you love, and to download hi res (yeah HIGH RES!) versions of them. Like the tagline boasts these are the worlds favorite illustrators. Here’s something from the “loose” section.3348-45995

coversx6_1I love these bookcovers! A set of six that make up the Manchester Independent Economic Review – designed by Manchester-based design studio, Music.  (visit that link-very intriguing-but a dead end???) found these on creative review.

They are sucessful on so many levels- describes the title in a stark cut and dry image, image is large and engaging, colors stimulate the senses with their choice of sophisticated tertiary tones. I’d read it. Never thought I would say that about an economic review.

Here’s some clarity for my fellow design classmates who are still debating how to go about making your portfolio site. I highy HIGHLY recommend hosting your own site through wordpress. If you (like me) have been pulling out your hair everytime you open up your dreamweaver file. If you have been plowing through tutorial after tutorial, blogs, and all the other information on the internet on how to make a website with no result other than utter confusion and hairloss…breath easy…wordpress is your friend.

I’m not saying to give up on Dreamweaver, but chances are, if your new to html and css you probably are not going to grasp how to hack through the code in less than a month. Hosting your own site through WordPress takes all the guess work out of how to make rollovers (they come stock in the themes, and can be modified if you wish) or how to de-bug your code so your site renders the same in Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera (wordpress will look the same on all browsers with no bugs to squash).

With a few simple & fast downloads, and your own domain; you can have your site up and running in less than an hour. really.

You’ve got your own domain, so what now?

log in to your domain and install wordpress, if your using hostmonster you will see the wordpress logo in the simplescripts (bottom of control panel) page. It will ask you what you want the site name to be, you probably only want to call it whatever your domain name is, if you add anything to this it will be a folder within your domain, meaning you will have to type in that extra line everytime you visit your site.

hostmonster will give you a username and password and link to get into your new blog-get in there and change the password right away, and anything else like bio if you want.

Download wordpress to your computer

open the file called: wp-config-sample.php in text edit or text wrangler (this is the best one, as it color codes the copy) DO NOT use word, it will add extra junk.

Add your domain user name where it says ‘USERNAME’:

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘USERNAME’);

Now enter your password, where it say’s ‘PASSWORD’:

/** MySQL database password */

The line below that, looks like this:

/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

if your using godaddy you will need to enter your host name that godaddy generates for you where it says ‘localhost’

If your using hostmonster or another host site leave this line alone.

close it.

Download cyberduck or any other ftp driver you wish.

make a new bookmark in cyberduck for your site.

drag and drop all wordpress files into that bookmark.

Cyberduck is what communicates your computer files to your wordpress site. The wordpress files you just dropped in there is where you will be dropping in your jpegs for headers and downloaded themes, and anything else you want to put on your site. Think of this as your site files folder.

You will drag and drop downloaded themes into your themes folder (www / wp-content / themes) etc.

Now login to your wordpress blog and start makin’ changes!

for more in-depth instructions you can always get info directly from or or even google, this should get you started though.

oh, and for millions of free editable themes go here

and your welcome.

winebottlea new work by mousegraphics , these Greece based designers create some super intriguing eye-candy!

Did you know that every 1/2 second a new blog is born? It’s true. That’s a whole lotta blogs, and it’s a good thing. The availability and ease of blogging means you can get instant feedback on your work and opinion. This is vital to staying current and pushing yourself to do more. Seeing other artist blogs gives you continuous inspiration, and gives you something personal and real from the blogs you view. Before blogging I use to just read about or watch a movie about an artist which really distances the viewer from the work, almost making the artist seem unreal. Blogs let you into an artist’s sketchbook, you get to see what other people are doing and thinking about daily. Not just a synopsis of their life or career, a daily post of what others are looking at, being inspired by and creating. This is definitely a very creative community that brings people together in a way that was never possible before, I feel good about being a part of it. Viewing all these blogs makes me want to contribute something worthwhile as well. What are your thoughts about blogs and the every growing amount of them?

I really love the interface on this website, it’s so playful and creative. It definitly takes to viewer into a comfortable less-webby more printy style environment. check out the candy bouquet and see it for yourself, I had to hit the refresh button 3-4 times to get the whole picture, but when you do its gorgeous…wonder if thats a firefox glitch or something? This was designed by Mike Precious web/graphic designer extrordinaire, thanks Chris for posting a link to his site (also a totally awsome portfolio site).wb-candybouquet

If any of you have not signed on to layers magazine you really should. They send an e-mail everyday giving you one great tip for a creative suite application. Today I learned about the blob tool in Illustrator, that’s right BLOB TOOL! Betcha didn’t know about that one. Here it is so you can read what your missing…now sign up!

Layers magazine Tip of the Day

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tip – The Attack of the Blob

I doubt many of you are old enough to remember the 1958 classic sci-fi thriller “The Blob” staring Steve McQueen. It was about an alien life form that consumes everything it comes in contact with, as it grows and grows to an immense size. That’s exactly what the new Blob Brush does in Illustrator. To give it a try, press Shift+B to select the Blob Brush from the Tools panel. Click and drag to scribble a bit with the tool and release your mouse. You’ll find it to be very similar to painting with a real brush, in that, all overlapping areas, as you paint, become one large filled shape. Scribble some more over an existing object of the same color and the new Blob Brush object consumes the old object becoming one bigger vector shape. It’s fun to use in combination with the Eraser tool (Shift+E) to remove parts of an existing Blob object.