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a commercial I actually liked.


Picture 3Need a little break, how about a vacation to Rio de Janeiro? Ok, so it’s just a website, (like I could afford that anyway) think Google Earth if the whole earth was Rio de Janerio. Sit back a enjoy the coco cabanna music while this baby loads, check out those crazy street patterns! Those Brizilians have all the fun.

button pattern

button pattern

Found a pattern generator called Repper, upload a photo or use their stock ones and start wasting time! Here’s my pattern I made from the pic I took of my Warhol button. This site even features a 75 second tutorial right on the homepage for a quick over view of how it works, super simple, and pretty cool.

They finally did it! They made a robot fish, for ya know…science.

I discovered a new software today (through a layers email) called Corel Painter 11 that turns pictures into paintings. It’s kind of like photoshop with unlimited brushes and options for the brushes. At first I didn’t know what to think of this, I watched a tutorial on the application and was kind of dissapointed. The brushes simply shuffle the pixels around and blur them to make the photo look more impressionistic. I’m sure there are lots of other looks you can get out of this program. I can’t help but feel that these digital options for creating a “painting” destroy the integrity of actual fine art though. Click here to view the tutorials, for some reason I can’t embed them. The one I viewed was Workflow 2.