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So I’ve got this blog…the goal being to participate in this online community while still remaining somewhat anonymous. The dilemma being what to put in that little square that pops up next to everything you say. This is what everyone will look at first, then decide if they want to read on. So what to put in that little gravatar box to sum up your entire personality and style?

As an artist I always turn to my sketchbook first. I looked for interesting sketches and scanned them into a digital format and layered them on top of  a self portrait cropped around one eye. Finessed in Photoshop and came up with an illustrative image that shows my eye for design….get it…eyelayeredportrait4


Well c.b. are my initials. I like the ambiguity of it, and its short-like me! This blog is for all things Design. I am currently a Graphic Design student and here is where I will be posting everything I love about typography, color, shape, texture, light, form, composition, artists, websites, books…well you get it-Design.